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Community Scholarship Drive

Joliet High School is beginning the annual Joliet Community Scholarship drive which solicits businesses and individuals who are interested in contributing to the scholarship fund. Each year donors have renewed their pledges to the fund that enables Joliet High School students to further their education. As college and vocational training becomes more and more expensive, fewer students are able to afford the total costs. Community members and community businesses have been committed to the students in developing their potential as productive and successful individuals, by helping with the financial burdens of higher education through donations to the scholarship fund.

Last year the scholarship fund raised enough money to assist many students to further their education. The selection of the applicants is based on their academic commitment and success, leadership contributions, along with school and community involvement.

The list of donors continues to grow as do the plaques placed in the Joliet High School gymin appreciation of the generous gifts. Any questions can be directed to Brice Turk at Joliet Schools, 962-3541. If you wish to contribute, donations may be mailed to: 

Joliet Community Scholarship Fund
Joliet High School
P.O. Box 590
Joliet, MT 59041

3rd Grade takes a shine to the violin

After attending the Billings Symphony Orchestra concert in Red Lodge on January 22, the third grade class continued studying orchestral music. First they focused on the percussion family and then on the string family. They had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Suzy Larson, a local violinist, on Wednesday, February 3. She brought in 4 different sizes of violins for the students to see, helped students review what they already knew about the violin, gave more information about the structure and playing of the violin, and performed several familiar tunes for the students to identify. Students also had the opportunity to hold a violin and pluck the strings. The class enjoyed this day focusing on the violin.

Morning Adult Basketball

February 17th, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

There seems to be some confusion about the adult basketball that takes place three mornings a week from 5:45-6:30 a.m. This is an Adult Ed. program supported and covered by the school. This is not intended for children, as they are not developmentally at the same level of play as the adults. Because the children are much smaller and less able at this young age, Adult Education Basketball is not a safe environment for young children who are just learning to play the sport.

It is a different scenario if you are a parent who is actively playing and supervising your child on the court. However, you need to be on the court playing simultaneously with your child for this scenario to be sanctioned by the administration. As the parent, you need to be on the court playing with your child so that you can help teach them, and keep them out of situations that may be unsafe.

For this reason, students are not allowed to play without a parent playing unless they are in 9th-12th grade. We feel that high school students would be able to compete at the adult level.
We love the enthusiasm of our young players, but our school cannot have young children unsupervised playing with adults in competitive situations. It is not in the best interest of your child or the school.

Please note that the Adult Ed. basketball is over at 6:30 a.m. If your child is between 9th-12th grades, s/he needs to leave the school as soon as morning basketball is finished. Students cannot be at the school unsupervised at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation concerning this matter. Our goal is to make Joliet School a safe, positive environment for not only our students but also our community members.

Kind Regards,
Allison B. Evertz, M.Ed.
Superintendent of JPS

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